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"With Brooke’s Sporting Art Gallery, my goal is to expose the countless wonderful works that are often overlooked because they are labeled sporting art." Brooke Chilvers

Whether researching American sporting art, European dog and animalier art, or African wildlife art - or tracking down the sporting and fine art galleries that specialize in any of them - Brooke Chilvers's Sporting Art Gallery provides the history, images, and reference materials from Paleolithic times to today.

Our list of artists include historically important artists like Jan Weenix, Jean-Baptiste Oudry, Rembrandt Bugatti and George Stubbs, living artists such as Joseph Sulkowski, Eldridge Hardie and Tom Daly, and African wildlife artists from Thomas Baines to Guy Coheleach.

Brooke Chilvers studied comparative literature in New York, art history in Paris, and natural sciences in Düsseldorf, Germany.  She has traveled far and wide to walk in the footsteps of many of these artists.

Our Gallery List will also direct you to galleries that specialize in this increasingly important field of art, and let you know what is currently on the market.

We are your source for the study and acquisition of sporting and wildlife art.

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